In Memory of Dakota's Art Deco

 May, 1991- June, 2004

Look not where I was, for I am not there
My spirit is free, I am everywhere

In the air that you breathe, in the sounds that you hear
Donít cry for me Mom, my spirit is near

Iíll watch for you, from the other side
Iíll be the one running, new friends by my side

Smile at my memory, remember in your heart
This isnít the end, itís a brand new start

We  lost our first Dalmatian, Deco, unexpectedly in June, 2004, when he was twelve years old. I was broken-hearted that I was out of town and not with him but grateful that he died peacefully in his sleep.  He was the dog that brought us together with our good friends, Kris and John Benoit of Dakota Dalmatians, which is certainly one sure to be a life-long connection.

Deco was a wonderful, loyal boy and we will always remember him. Showing was not for Deco but he was a good obedience dog in his youth and he did a pretty impressive flying finish! His favorite trick was to "sing" along to "Happy Birthday!" Deco was very tolerant of both the Wire and Dalmatian puppies who invaded his space, but he loved nothing more than just being at our sides. Funny, loyal, patient and just a great pal....we will always remember and miss him. 

Good boy, Deco. 

Deco, when I first brought him home at eight weeks old.
He was an "old soul" even then.




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