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Updated May 5, 2012

"Refresh the pages to see updates!"

New AfterAll Pages!

After months of not being able to update the website, we finally have things fixed. They are not perfect, but I am able to start adding new information!

Anyone recognize these two?
(Not the owners, please! :)

First, for all of you with AfterAll Wires, I've created the AfterAll Family News Page. This is where you can just check in to tell us something cute, silly or really fun that your Wire did recently. A picture would be great too. This is in addition to our own AfterAll Wire Friends list. I'll try to leave things up for awhile and then replace old posts with newer ones Who is going to be first to add on to what is already there?

Seven Weeks Old
Who can name this puppy's sister?

Hint: Both girls live in Illinois and the sister was a show dog.

Secondly, I've just added a new "Do Your Homework" page for for Prospective Owners considering a Wire Fox Terrier.  This is in addition to the "older, but goodie" pages of information also linked on the Puppy Page.  As more and more people are turning to the Internet and not really connecting personally with breeders, it is good to be aware of what to look for and the questions to ask before bringing home a new puppy or adult dog

Flirt Running Errands.

Wires always draw a lot of attention and Flirt is no exception.
What old movie do those people always mention?


Sky is truly a happy dog who loves everyone she meets.
People have to be pretty fast to avoid her kisses!

Dancing Through Life...

"Dancing Through Life" is a song from the musical Wicked ...and it describes Sky pretty well too!

Ch. Cabernet Caught In a White Lie
"Kai "

I had to wait quite a long time before the Olunds sent Kai to me. Mary insisted that it had to be not just any boy, but "the right boy" They had two or three litters before Mary told me to fly out and choose between two male puppies. I knew almost immediately that Kai was "the one."

Baby Kai                                          Kai about 6 months old with Aimee

From the beginning, he has been a special dog. Kai just "knows things." If I have a little pain, Kai will touch the spot, look into my eyes and touch again and again. He knows that I only wear one contact and as he touches that eyelid, I can tell he is trying to figure out why that eye is different.

He has been a wonderful ambassador for his breed as he has done "Meet and Greet" at Eukanuba and at a fundraiser for rescue.  His perfect manners make him welcome inside stores and wherever I take him and he is wonderfully patient with his sister Tabu and Wire girl, Flirt who always want their way!

A few months ago, Kai passed his Canine Good Citizen test with a perfect score! More recently, he started training as my service dog and he seemed to understand exactly what he needed to do from the first time he wore his jacket. 

Kai's day making friends!

Good boy, Kai!