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I am a real fan of Myra Savant-Harris and the two books she has published. Most of the methods I rely on today are from Puppy Intensive Care and Canine Reproduction and Whelping. She is highly respected in the world of breeding dogs and I encourage anyone who is interested to attend one of her seminars, read her books or surf her website. There is also an e-list for serious breeders and a link to that is also on her site.

From her bio on her website:

"Myra Savant-Harris is a Registered Nurse with many years experience working labor/delivery and neonatal ICU. Her two books, "Puppy Intensive Care" and "Canine Reproduction and Whelping" translate many of the things she learned in her career into puppy and canine repro terms. Breeders all over the US and Canada are learning many things from her seminars about how to get bitches in whelp, keep them in whelp, deliver puppies safely and keep them alive. In her books and seminars, she teaches how to assess a sick puppy, how to tube feed, hydrate by sub cutaneous methods and administer oxygen. Her books and seminars also teach how to collect canine semen and inseminate a bitch, diet for the bitch in whelp, timing for chilled and frozen sperm and the role of calcium and pitocin in whelping. The reader will learn how to remove dew claws using a virtually bloodless technique."

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The Puppy Nursery

Since we've been carefully breeding, whelping and raising puppies over 30 years, we have some favorite equipment for the process. 

The Puppy Pens

Some of you have asked about the puppy pens we use here. They are far more expensive than the Pet Yards we recommend for our puppy buyers when they take their pup home, but these are very high quality and can be put together in a number of arrangements. The are sold by Rover Enclosures: http://www.roverpet.com/enclosures.htm 

Since ours are just for puppies, we have the 30 inch tall size so we can step over the top. They do come in taller sizes but I would not recommend the shorter ones for Wires. I would also order the gate section so the puppy can go in and out. We have two sets. One is in the kennel and has leads out into the covered puppy pen. The second one is used around the whelping pen and provides a safe area for Mom and her babies. When the puppies are older, it can be taken outside for a puppy play area on nice days.

The Jonart Whelping Boxes

Everyone has their own favorite things to use for whelping. Years ago, we used plastic wading pools and some breeders still prefer them. However, I wanted a box with square corners to keep the blankets flat so pups would have less of a chance for burrowing under them. In addition, I hoped to have a pig rail so Mom wouldn't lay down on the pups. The Jonart boxes have both features and in addition, can be assembled without tools. When disassembled, they break down into flat pieces that are easily stored. They are expensive but are a good choice for the serious, long term breeder.

You can read more about them at  http://www.thewhelpingbox.com/ 

Ceramic Warming System 

We used to have regular heat lamps but eventually switched to the ceramic kind. I do have the whole system shown above but have found the metal pad unnecessary.  For Wire puppies, this lamp is the perfect height...30 inches above the whelping box floor. The arm allows us to extend the lamp directly over one corner. That allows the Mom to stay out of the direct heat but the puppies can crawl under it whenever they wish. It is amazing how quickly they find the heat.

Once again, this is an expensive system with the bulbs alone costing $40 but I wouldn't use any other kind. http://www.xocom.com/fr/Warmer.htm

To see more about our Whelping supplies and procedures, visit our Whelping Page.