AfterAll Family News

Families who have one of our "AfterAll" Wires are encouraged to occasionally send news or a picture of your dog. It doesn't have to be a special occasion or accomplishment. We can just share some photos and maybe a few sentences about how they are doing or even just a description of their favorite things! I'll update the pages occasionally with the "newest news" at the top of the page. 

Barbara Bonner's Tracking Wires!

This week I received this message from Barbara Bonner in Illinois. Barbara owns two Wires. Krafty was bred by Marilyn Lascinsky and Kona (a ginger) is sired by Al Pertuit's ginger dog, "Pistole." His mother is Reese, who was bred by my friend, Chip Lowe, and owned by both of us. I am so proud of the work Barbara has done with her dogs! I know she has other performance activities that she has done with both of them, so maybe she will send updates on that too. Those of you in the Chicago area should watch for her.

Here is her email:

"Recently  Kona earned his TDX at Pecatonica's test at Rock Cut State Park. It was a difficult track because of very thick underbrush, but he kept pushing and worked his way through. He still is working on VST because that requires a lot of self-confidence and he can be kind of "spooky", but he is getting braver and I am very hopeful he will do it. He has his Beginner Novice title and one leg of Novice, so he's doing well.


Bella and Lucia's Latest Adventure!
We are so proud of them!

Bella, was bred by Chip Lowe who allowed me to co-own her when she was just a point or two shy of getting her Championship. She went on to have the litter of puppies that produced both Ch. Hiwire Pinball Wizard (Bing) and Ch.  Hiwire Vanity Fair (Reese) but eventually she was placed in her "forever home" with Lucia....a match made in doggy heaven! This particular adventure is just one of many the two of them have had.  You can read more at her Meet Bella Page!

Wes Anderson’s new star, Bella. (Jennifer Rychlik Photo)

One of the stars of the new Wes Anderson movie, which has been filming around Rhode Island for the past few months, is Bella, a wire fox terrier from Grafton. Bella’s owner, Lucia Hackett, who works in the human resources department at Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine, explains that her dog’s story is a pretty amazing one. We have to agree.

In March, Bella was diagnosed with an advanced mast cell tumor that had already moved to a lymph node. It did not look good. Hackett didn’t know how much she should fight the illness; she didn’t want to put her dog through unnecessary pain. It was Tufts vet Mary Labato who wound up recommending surgery. The veterinary internist knew the pup (her own dog had trained with Bella) and said that based on her own experiences with Bella, it was worth giving the dog the benefit of the doubt for recovery.

Around the same time, Hackett noticed on one of her pet listservs that Anderson was looking for a local, trained dog like Bella for “Moonrise Kingdom,” his movie with Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, and Edward Norton. Feeling optimistic, Hackett submitted Bella’s name for the part. Bella had long been a show dog. She competed under the name Ch Hiwire Act at Hexham CD RE SE CGC (those letters stand for titles and wins), so Hackett figured Bella was just what the “Rushmore” director would be looking for.

Bella won the casting call. And even though the crew wound up filming just weeks after Bella’s surgery, the dog rallied for the role and happily filmed with the all-star cast for nine days in May and June. Hackett doesn’t know who Bella will play in the film; New England animal trainer Gleanna Doyle took Bella to work each day and watched her on set. (We hope she has some good scenes with Murray. We actually thinks she looks a little bit like him.)

Labato told us she’s not shocked that Bella not only recovered but went on to become a movie star. “Bella’s a great dog and she has a great will to live.”






Last week Krafty earned her VST and became a Champion Tracker, the first of her breed. Actually she was first to get a TDX and Kona is second, so they are both very special.

VST stands for Variable Surface Tracking. It means they have to go over all sorts of surfaces. Krafty's track had grass, gravel, rocks, blacktop, railroad tracks, cement. Also, it was drizzle, steady rain and a downpour while she was running the track, but nothing bothered her. She is a true terrier. The track also is longer, older, has more turns, articles of cloth, wood, metal and plastic, and is in rougher terrain.To be a Champion Tracker, they have to get their TD (Tracking Dog), TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent --- longer track, more turns, older, more articles, rougher terrain) and VST. The passing rate for VST is only 8%, so there are not many dogs who are Champion Tracker