Airlines That Accept Dogs

Whether you are anticipating flying to pick up a new puppy or just taking your Wire with you on a trip, these pages will help make it easier. The major airlines that accept dogs, their fees and conditions are listed. You'll find out how to take a pup onboard in a Sherpa and how to take your adult dog as checked baggage. It can be done and is not as difficult as you might think. Although we do not ship puppies, we are comfortable with taking them onboard, under the seat. Older, adult dogs can travel quite well in cargo as the temperature and oxygen is the same as in your cabin.

We feel that the dog is safer in cargo when you are onboard. Some airlines even bring you a tag from your dog's crate when he or she is loaded onboard. Keep in mind that most all airlines have restrictions on temperatures in both the departure and arrival city. This is mainly because of concerns when the animal is on the ground/tarmac.

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