The Puppy Page
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May 5, 2013

With our move to California, we've put all breeding plans on hold..  However, we are happy to refer people to other reputable breeders that we know personally.  Our youngest Wire, a ginger girl, Flirt,  has matured and we are looking forward to showing her in 2013. However, with no immediate breedings planned, we're happy to refer you to friends and organizations we know personally. 

For resources for finding a puppy, a young adult or a retired show dog, please contact one of the following:

How Do Prospective Owners 
Get On Our List?

When we do have a litter, we usually keep an online diary of what is happening so the prospective owners can follow along until they come to pick up their own special pup. A sample page from  Cal and Izzy's litter is below so you can see what to expect.

"Baby Cal"

Eighteen Days Old

There are no immediate plans for us to have any puppies in California. When we do have a litter,  all the information will be posted here. If , at that time, you think you might be interested in one of our puppies, the first step is to go to our NEW Do Your Homework page and then to  the Info For Prospective Owners page and work through the links there before contacting us.  When  we have or are expecting puppies, we usually have several inquiries each week and this is the procedure that that works best for us. Sending an application in no way obligates you. 

See our older Puppies At AfterAll Page too!