Available Young Adult Wires


Many people prefer to get older Wires as training, housebreaking and supervising young puppies can be a lot of work. Young adult Wires or retired show dogs are occasionally available at both AfterAll and Hiwire but we do not have any to place at this time.


We sometimes know of adult dogs who are not listed on our website.  This doesn't happen often, but we would be happy to have you email us for other referrals.

Our national breed club, the Fox Terrier Club of America, has a contact for rescue dogs. Please get in touch if you are interested in giving a rescue dog a good home.

American Fox Terrier Club, Inc.
Mrs. Winifred H. Stout, 1-800-FOX-TERR, Rhode Island
wstout@rockyhill.org (work), whstout@earthlink.net (home)