California Dreaming....


I have developed an interest in photography over the last year. The ocean is always photogenic and you can see how different it is at day or night. The first photo was taken from the Laguna Beach hotel on an early  December morning just before I moved here. The second one was taken at Montage Beach just after sunset as a boy played at waters edge. I think it looks like he is ready to jump off the edge of the world, right out into space.

I have become fascinated with California's varied terrain and often have my camera in hand. I've become "expert" at taking shots out the motor home window at 65+ mph and Mark is used to driving with me running between one window and another.  When not on the road, I like zooming in on something small to look at it in a different way. I have to admit that I miss having a lot of dogs but I am ok with having fewer. It gives me time to explore things I've never done much before.   Take a look.

Sunset Picnic at Laguna Beach 
(My birthday!)


The Road To Palm Spring
(to a dog show, of course!)


The Secret Garden
(our own front yard!)



A New Way of Training!

A well-behaved Kai sits in front of our house.

Ch. Kai has led me into a completely new dog related adventure. Our trainer, David Arnobit, works with us about once a week. David is the polar opposite of Caesar Milan and uses all positive methods. Because I learned the old fashioned way, I sometimes struggle with the new and improved training methods but there is no doubt in my mind that these give better results and help form an incredible bond between dog and owner. These methods help create a "thinking dog" and not just an obedient dog. Kai and I are constantly given tasks that challenge both of us but there is great satisfaction when we master them. Each lesson usually ends with me laughing and David just shaking his head, but he truly is an incredible trainer. 

Thanks, David, for seeing the best in Kai and showing me how to bring it out in him.

The Whole Family
David and his pack