Designer Dog Breeds

We've all heard the hype about the "designer" breeds....Goldendoodle, Puggle, Labradoodle, etc. I'm amazed that these mixed breed dogs are selling for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. To me, it's a little like the story of the Emperor's New Clothes. Do you see what I see?????

The next time your neighbor tells you they are thinking of buying one of these "Premium Blends," send them to this website. and let them take the quiz. When that's done, ask them why they think these mixed breeds always inherit the "best" traits from both breeds. Actually, it is just as likely that they will inherit the worst! It seems to me that this was a very successful scam in which unsuspecting buyers were convinced that somehow, mixing two breeds (many of which had genetic issues) would result in better health and temperament. 

One day when I was in my vet's waiting room I saw two "Goldendoodles" also waiting with their respective owners. I asked both if their dogs shed and the answer was , "Yes." One had his leg shaved up to the hip as he already had surgery for severe hip dysplasia at only eight months old. The other dog was also lame and could barely walk. Both had allergies even though they came from different "breeders."

Reputable Poodle breeders are sick about this situation. They have spent years researching and finding testing for the various diseases that can affect Poodles. Anyone considering buying a Poodle can find all the genetic test results for not only the parents but the grandparents, siblings, offspring, etc. which reputable breeders allow to be listed on the Orthopedia Foundation for Animals site. True breeders do not breed dogs that are affected. Designer dog breeders seldom even know about these things much less plan a breeding program with the information in mind. 

Designer dog breeders are most interested in selling dogs. Most show breeders are in it for the love of the breed and continually work toward improving their dogs in health and temperament as well as looks. They stand behind their dogs and remain a resource for the new owners.