Earthdog Training & Trials

Wires were bred to hunt!
Earthdog Trials Prove it!

Earthdog: What is it and how do you train your dog?

This smart young boy is EZ owned and trained by Karen Passow.
In addition to Earthdog training, EZ is working in obedience and agility!

How do you start a puppy to go through tunnels?

Maggie, one of Bill Kasting's Borders ,
learning about tunnels as a puppy.

Have you ever thought it might be fun to work your terrier in tunnels? Whether you would like to do that for puppy confidence building, as a challenge for your Wire or if you'd like to give Earthdog training a try, visit this amazing page on a Border Terrier owner's site:  Bill Kasting has recorded his work with his Border Terrier, Maggie in her early tunnel work as a puppy. You will see how to start with building a simple cardboard tunnel, how to make it more complex and finally how to build underground wooden tunnels. It's a great site!  It's all there with lots of photos to help you start with making your own cardboard tunnels and  then move up to building underground tunnels.  Bill Kasting has agreed to share all this info with us so please do check it out and enjoy!

What is required to get an Earthdog title? 

Sue Placer trains her dogs as Earthdogs and also as Therapy Dogs!
This one is Jib.

A firsthand account of a Wire working in Earthdog trials:

Animated view of a dog going through a training tunnel:

by Mario Migliorini

While not a "how to" book with specific steps to train your dog, this is still a good resource for those who want to know more about Earthdog training and trials. It's $26.00 for a new hardcover copy, but I found a new paperback for just $4.00. Check out Amazon's lists of new and used copies.