Get To Know The Wire Fox Terrier


"The Wire Fox Terrier is friendly, alert, active, and lively without being high-strung. Through his keen expression and alert bearing, ears up and tail quivering, the Wire Fox Terrier gives the impression of a dog ready to go anywhere and take on any task. The Wire Fox Terrier is bold but not aggressive with people. They are affectionate with children but may be too active for some. "

They love playing with a ball or toys, whether they are young or old...


While the Wire is active, he is not "hyper." He loves to be held and petted, to go where you go whether it's a walk or a ride in the car. They are always delighted to meet and greet new people.

At night, he is happy to curl up on your lap while you read or watch TV. If you allow him to sleep on your bed, he will snuggle under the covers and probably will not get up until you do!

He is a perfect size: a big dog in a small body, easily picked up and carried under one arm, yet not fragile or nervous.

The Wire Fox Terrier doesn't know that he is small.  He will stand up to any dog, even those who are quite a bit bigger. They love to run and play but cannot be trusted out of a fenced area or off a leash. It's not that they want to run away from you, but they want to run TO adventure. A squirrel, a blowing leaf, a child on a bike....all can lead the Wire into the road and danger.  Many will run through an invisible fence if there is something on the other side they really want to see up close!

Wires were bred to hunt and he will do his best to keep your garden free of those pesky moles and mice.


Best of all, he is a loyal, loving companion with a cheerful outlook on life. It is almost impossible to be in a bad mood if you own a Wire.