How To Hand Strip A Wire

The Wire Fox Terrier Club of the UK has a series of articles on its website that can be read. These articles are considered to be the standard in the Terrier world. For those of you who have puppies, you'll find specific information on pulling hair on pups in Book 3. 



With the emphasis on the WIRE FOX TERRIER   A series of articles by ARDEN M. ROSS -  Illustrated by ARDEN ROSS and LORI BUSH

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Many thanks to Terrier Type for permission to reprint this series of articles

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Diagram from
Grooming The Wire Fox Terrier
By Arden Ross
 Pearson Products

Wires that are going to be shown are "hand stripped" to keep their hard wire coat and brilliant color. Pet owners sometimes strip the colored parts of their dog and clip the white. If you are paying a professional groomer to strip the dog, be prepared to pay at least  $40 or more per hour. Depending on how long it has been since the coat was "pulled," it could take a minimum of three hours and possibly much more.

Most pet owners have their dogs clippered. It is less expensive, easy on the dog and can even be done fairly well by the owner. If the dog is taken to a groomer, clipping will be far more reasonable, but the coat will grow in soft and curly with a soft texture.  The colors will also be diluted, fading to cream, beige and grey in place of the white, tan and black.


This is a list of suggested grooming tools for hand stripping your Wire from the Pearson site:

Basic Grooming Equipment

These items are our suggested basic grooming equipment and supplies. They can be purchased from pet supply stores. Check our Links page for some Pet supply stores.

1. Grooming Table and Arm. 9. Toe-nail clippers.
2. Stripping knives. (see recommedations) 10. Bristle brush.
3. Scissors. 11. Palm pad brush.
4. Electric clippers. 12. Kwik-Stop (stops bleeding on toenails).
5. Combination comb. 13. Eye cleanser.
6. Slicker brush. 14. Ear cleanser.
7. White block grooming chalk. 15. Ear powder.