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We do not have any available or planned Wire litters at this time.  

Wire puppies, young adults and retired Champion Wires can be difficult to find. Reputable breeders don't breed very often and usually there are many more people looking for Wires than there are pups available. I encourage you to take your time in locating and connecting with a breeder that will be a support for you for as long as the dog lives.

Please read our link about how to find a reputable breeder and don't give in to an impulse buy from a pet shop, backyard breeder or puppy mill. Choose someone who belongs to a Fox Terrier breed club and is as interested in health and temperament as they are in the looks of the dogs. It will be worth the wait.

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Please read this before contacting me. It will answer many of your questions and help you get started on the "right foot." There is no obligation for you or for us, but the application helps us keep track  of those hoping to get a Wire. This is an example of our companion contracts. It will tell you more about our expectations and what you can expect of us.

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