Bella Bella Bella!

If this is your first time, "meeting" Bella, you may want to start with the page showing her 2007 accomplishments but here's Lucia's latest chapter!


2009 has brought more fun news from Bella.  We learned that she was the top scoring WFT in AKC Rally Excellent A&B for the 2008 year. This continues our streak in that Bella has been the top WFT in each AKC  Obedience Title she has earned!  Bella is back in the breed ring as a Veteran this year.  So far, each time out, she has won the Terrier Group and gone on to the VBIS class.   Thank you Chip!  Bella also did a photo shoot  for the dog supply catalog “In the Company of Dogs”.  Her "head shot" is above! Fingers crossed that we see her modeling in an upcoming issue!   


Lucia's Diary 2008


CH Hiwire Act at Hexham CD, RE, SE, CGC, CG

Bella's Acting Career takes off June, 2008

Bella spent a day with child stars, producers, crews and volunteer dog owners for a filming of two episodes of the PBS kids show "FETCH!" with Ruff Ruffman. Bella, along with 11 other dogs passed the initial screen test, then passed the child star's screening process and became part of this reality show. The subject "who is smarter a pig or a dog?" I won't give away the answer!

Yippee Bella passed the first intelligence test which was finding her way out from under a blanket with the fastest time of all the dogs. 

 She advanced to the afternoon's round of competition. It was a long, fun, Summer day of rushing and waiting, retakes and doggie smiles for the camera. Watch for Bella during the Fall 2009 Season of FETCH! on your PBS Channel.

Animal Planet Dogs 101 Show
 To Be Shown November 22,  2008 

Bella and family next spent a fun day in NYC at the film studio for the Animal Planet's new show called Dogs 101 which is running right now. The Director was looking for an obedience trained Wire in show coat and Bella fit the bill. She owned the camera then outshined the other dogs by doing a well behaved sit/stay and then charmed the camera crew as she killed her toy rat and played retriever with her toy blue bear. All on cue! What a ham.

Breaking News from the AKC Obedience News Front

According to Front & Finish magazine's statistics which they get from the AKC's show results database, Bella is the #1 Obedience Novice A&B category (CD/Companion Dog title) for the year 2007 in the Wire Fox Terrier category. Major league wags from Bella who is so excited!

Bella Earns Her Companion Dog Title!
February 29, 2008

Bella received her third qualifying score this afternoon at the Great Boston Labrador Retrieve Obedience Show, earning her CD or Companion Dog Title from the AKC. I was so happy I cried. This title is especially meaningful to me because she made the choice to work as a team with me...without food or conversation. She earned this title in 4 shows with scores of 184, 185 and 189. A qualifying score is 170 and 200 would be perfect so our scores were very respectable and in fact we were in the ribbons twice. I'm sorry to brag but I'm just bursting right now, she is such an honest dog and my joy. We both have so much fun training "whatever" and the titles are just frosting on the doggie biscuit. I've attached a picture with her new tie!

Woof, Woof from Bella who is now CH Hiwire Act at Hexham CD,RA,SE,CGC, CG

Bella At Home

Bella (right) and her pal Max

We Remember Bella Too!

We know Bella doesn't miss her "old life" in the least, but the Lowe's and I have some happy memories of her too. Here are a couple of our favorite pictures.

Bella in her days as a "Show Girl" and a litter of her puppies.Bies!

Bella's spending the Summer at AfterAll

Thank you, Lucia, for making our girl happy and for making her such a great example of what a well-bred, well-trained Wire can do.  You do us all proud!