Meet Tango!  

Ch. AfterAll Hiwire Red Tango
Ch. Hiwire Caliente X Ch. Sqwires Playing With Fire
b. July 27, 2007

Tango, a Cal X Phoenix daughter, is now officially Champion AfterAll Red Tango. Thanks go to John and Kris Benoit who have had her living with them for several months while we made the move to California. Special thanks to John for trimming and showing her. Tango flew to California and now lives with her dad, Ch. Hiwire Caliente and the Lawrence family who live just an hour from us. She is very happy there and we're so pleased that she and Cal are together.  


Tango as a puppy

Tango was my "pick" girl from the litter. I fell in love with her the minute she was born, mostly because she reminded me so much of a feminine version of our Cal. They have the same body type and as she started to grow up, she would stop and stack in exactly the way he did at the same age. 

Tango might well be the Ginger girl I have been hoping to breed! She has the short back that we like and is very balanced. She is fun loving and affectionate.  Now that she is finished, she has joined the Lawrence family and her father, Cal, in California. She will be bred sometime in the summer 2010. 

Do you wonder about her name? It comes from a line of purses and accessories that are a lot of fun. Their logo is a cat but I didn't let that stop me. Check out their website and explore the Imagination link and the Fortune Telling link. The bags are pretty cool too!


Tango with her serious look (left) and
falling asleep on the table after getting her ears glued! (right)

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