Our Opinion of Underground Fencing


I really am uncomfortable with underground or invisible fencing. There are several reasons to object to it and some of them are listed below. First, here's how it works according to one company:

"The dog wears a battery-operated collar with a radio receiver, an audible beep and two metal nibs that rest against the dog's skin. It works in conjunction with the underground fencing wire that is placed around the perimeter of the area to contain your dog. The ends of the wire are attached to a radio signal generator which is placed indoors. As the dog approaches the perimeter wire the collar senses the weak radio signal. First, the collar gives an audible beep, and if the dog stays close to the perimeter. a "harmless" static shock is delivered through the nibs to discourage further movement in that direction."  

The quotation marks around the word "harmless" are mine. I truly cannot imagine shocking one of our dogs. You might make a case for it if underground fencing actually could keep a dog safe but I am not convinced that it can.  Here are my concerns:


I do know many people cannot build secure fences in their yard for a number of reasons, but I also hope those who have our Wires seriously consider other alternatives to the shock collar. I'd be happy to discuss some of those alternatives with those who are interested.