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Promise with her first litter in 2002

How We Raise Our Puppies

We love our  puppies! Through the years, we've had Labradors, Wheatens and Dalmatians, but now we only breed Wire Fox Terriers. Every litter is carefully planned and eagerly anticipated. While we hope each litter might produce a special pup for us to show that will someday be part of our breeding program, it is important to us that all our puppies are prepared to be loving, happy additions to their new families. 

Two Boys Napping

With that in mind, we start handling our puppies as soon as they are born. They learn to associate the touch and scent of humans as something pleasant before they even open their eyes. Puppies are held, cuddled and gently restrained on their backs. By the time they are old enough to walk, we begin placing them on different surfaces and exposing them to a variety of sounds. Although we do not have young children in the house, we enlist friends' children to help socialize puppies at four weeks of age. At the same time, we begin letting them climb small obstacles, play in the tunnel and explore different areas of the house. By five weeks of age, they usually can open the dog doors, negotiate steps and are playing with the older house dogs. 

Puppies with my  granddaughter, Haley, then 2 1/2 years old.

Table training begins early so that show puppies begin to learn to be stacked and to stand for grooming. All pups benefit from table training as they will need to stand still for nail trimming and visits to the vet. Our veterinarians are always happy to work on our dogs as they are usually friendly, calm and cooperative.

A six week old pup learns to stand on the table.

When puppies are seven or eight weeks old, they begin crate training and get individual play and training time each day. These photos show Dalmatians but the Wire pups respond in the same way.

Puppies often choose to sleep in their crates, even when the door is open! 
Playtime with the older dogs is fun too and part of the socialization process.

They practice walking on lead and take short rides in the car. At this age, they have had many visitors and venture deeper into the yard and woods. .

Indoor and outdoor play and training continue as the pups grow up.

While even five week old pups play hard in the tunnel, puppies that are still with us at 10-12 weeks learn basic commands and are working with the neighbor kids on the agility equipment. While not every puppy will become an agility dog, we find that negotiating the obstacles gives the puppies confidence and that they really enjoy it. It is also a wonderful outlet for puppy exuberance, but we are careful to not let them jump too high or face equipment they are not ready to tackle. Plenty of treats and praise make training fun.

In the summer months, puppies that have had all their inoculations start traveling with us to the shows. They become accustomed to travel and being on the show grounds with all its strange sights and sounds. They are entered in puppy matches and watch from ringside as the older dogs are shown in the regular classes. Sometimes we take them into town and walk around the farmer's market or visit PetSmart where they get to choose their own toys!

Wire puppies enjoy a visit from our friend, Una.

We do our best to provide every one of our Wire and Dalmatian puppies with the best start in life possible. With few exceptions. our puppies' parents are A.K.C. Champions and all are chosen for their temperament as well as their excellent conformation. Puppies and adults are fed high quality food,  have regular veterinary checkups and care and most of all, are given early socialization, basic training and lots of love. It is our goal to continually work to improve our Wires and to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted puppies.  With this in mind, we try to match each prospective owner with the pup that most closely matches their lifestyle and interests.

Here is a website that gives an overview of the importance of socialization of puppies both before and after they go to their new homes. http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?cls=2&cat=1547&articleid=854

We feed and recommend Purina Pro Plan for all our dogs and puppies.

If you would like more information about anticipated litters or puppies that may be available now, please contact us. Most of our puppies are spoken for within a few weeks of their birth, so early inquiries are suggested.  We do not have any older dogs to place at this time.

We do take names on our waiting lists and will be happy to send you an application or you may access it online at the Puppy/Dog Application button.

Promise's 2003 litter



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