Training Your Puppy

Puppies are like toddlers. They are very cute but may get themselves into a lot of trouble.  At this young age, they really don't know right from wrong and look to you to be their guide. Don't be so enamored with your pup that you don't take time to teach him how to be a "good" dog.

I personally don't believe in many of the methods we used years ago. I do not strike dogs with a rolled up newspaper or any object. I do not rub a puppy's nose in the spot where she had an "accident." The militant style of training we used years ago has evolved into a more humane, but not permissive method. I recommend taking your puppy to a Kindergarten Puppy Class, giving it lots of socialization and positive experiences and then following up with a basic obedience course. I think agility classes are fun for both you and the dog and help cement a partnership between you. They are especially good for a Wire because it gives them a challenge and lets them think for themselves! While not always easy to train a terrier, it is well worthwhile. You just must maintain a sense of humor. They are not Golden Retrievers or Border Collies who will do it just because you ask them too. It will be an adventure!

 However, finding an excellent instructor who also believes in positive training is a key. I do NOT advocate taking class from a trainer who routinely puts prong collars on puppies, especially small dogs like Wires. In addition to class, you will need to be prepared to do your own training at home. Will you allow your puppy on the furniture? Will it sleep in a crate or in your bed? Will you allow puppy behaviors that may not be so cute when he is an adult?

"Hey, Mom....I'm a HELPER!"

Here are some links to common puppy behavior and training issues.